the project

is a project within the American Studies MA Program at Leipzig University, Germany. Most members of the reviewing editorial staff are MA candidates. Being embedded into the MA curriculum provides with the organizational backbone, the resources, and the continuity and stability required for such a project.

the 2016/17 editors

The editors of aspeers 10 (2017) are: Brendan Day, Maria Gileva, Jenny Hoang, Caroline Lyle, Maša Ocvirk, Adam Pekár, Anna-Krystina Ramacher, Annika M. Schadewaldt, Jingya Shao, Nadine Wollmann, and Boris Alfred Artur Zielinski.

the 2015/16 editors

The editors of aspeers 9 (2016) are: Carlo Becker, Robert C. Blanchard, David R. Ewens, Christin Habermann, Julia Rabe, Elif Özdemir.


the 2014/15 editors

The editors of aspeers 8 (2015) are: Deniz Bozkurt, Ronaldo Conte, Katharina-Luise Kittler, Lisa Mittag, Rinilda Raviraj-Steinhagen, Amelie Rieß, Margarita Rozhkova, Elena van den Berg, Miriam Wilke, and Steffen Adrian Wöll.

the 2013/14 editors

The 2013 editors are Florian Bast, Linda EschWiebke Kartheus, Paul Lück, Anna Richter, Annalisa Schmidt, Sören Schoppmeier, Patricia Isabella Schumacher, Paul Simon, and Silane Vatonne. They published the issue about "American Anxieties."

the 2012/13 editors

The 2012 editors are Ewa A. Adamkiewicz, Richard Bachmann, Florian Bast, Elisabeth Böhme, Eric W. Fraunholz, Katharina Gensch, Alexandra Hähnert, Máté Vince Horvath, Wiebke Kartheus, Theresia Lakomy, Erica L. Larson, Martin Opitz, Sören Schoppmeier, and Tyrone T. White, Jr. They published the issue on "American Memories."


the 2011/12 editors

The 2011 editors are Florian Bast, Alexandra Hähnert, Máté Vince Horváth, Diana Labisch, and Sevara Pan. They published the issue on the topic "American Food Cultures."


the 2010/11 editors

The 2010 editors are Carolin Betker, Stefan Ecke, Katharina Freitag, Christina Harms, Nadezhda N. Panchenko, Marianne Polkau, Bettina Schuster, Christiane Vogel, and Sebastian M. Herrmann. They published an issue on the topic of "Nature and Technology, Revisited."


the 2009/10 editors

The 2009 editors are Ines Krug, Andreas Mooser, Julia Neugebauer, Bailing Qin, Eleonora Ravizza, Stefan Schubert, Franziska Wenk, Maria Zywietz, and Sebastian M. Herrmann. They published the issue on "Crime and America."

the 2008/09 editors

The 2008 editors are Sebastian M. Herrmann, Ingrid Betz, Benedikt Schäfer, Franziska Böhme, Tanja N. Aho, Isabel M. J. Simão and Susan Büttner. They published the second issue of the topic of "Migration and Mobility."

the 2007/08 editors

The 2007 editors are Lisa Sylvia Schönmeier, Alexandra Pitzing, Michelle Glauser, Lars Weise, Heather Carmody, and Sebastian M. Herrmann. They published the inaugural issue of